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we find beauty
in the small things.
We just need to look...
Look closer.



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Hi! I am Diego Araujo, the artist behind the BioSteam Studio. I am an illustrator creating whimsical worlds inspired by nature and machines. Insects, microscopic life forms and mechanical gears are transformed into the odd, yet cute creatures that inhabit my worlds.


Originally a biologist, I have dedicated several years studying the anatomy, behaviour and evolution of insects and arachnids. It was during my academic life that I had to develop 3D digital models of insects for studying their anatomy. I became a self-taught 3D modeler for that purpose. But in the process, I fell love with the world of 3D digital art, and slowly made the switch.

Now, I am interested in creating art that invites us to look at nature again, including our own nature, while touching on the boundaries of what is life and what is not.



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